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Havasu Falls in Havasu Canyon

Location: Havasupai Indian Reserve, Arizona, USA

The blue-green waterfalls of Havasu Canyon are among Mother Nature’s greatest works. They rival any tropical paradise in the world, and they are truly an anomaly in the desert southwest. The water from Havasu Creek that spills over these magnificent falls eventually makes its way to the Colorado River. The four major waterfalls are Havasu, Navajo, Mooney, and Beaver Falls. Havasu Falls is world-renowned for the unique color of its water, a captivating blue-green that is the result of high levels of travertine, a type of limestone. Travertine is also responsible for the myriad pools all along the creek and at the base of the falls, which make for excellent swimming holes.

An adventurous spirit is required for any who embarks upon this journey. Although located within the Grand Canyon, this picturesque desert oasis is not in Grand Canyon National Park, but rather part of the Havasupai Reservation. Havasu Falls is the indigenous home of the Havasupai Tribe, who have lived here for over 800 years. There are no roads to Supai, and it is the only place in the US where mail is carried by pack mules. You will pass through Supai village on the way to the campground or the lodge.  A once in a lifetime experience is to be had whether you decide to hike into the canyon, ride a mule or fly down in a helicopter. Upon arrival, there are opportunities  for hiking, swimming, exploring, and simply relaxing in the sun.

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